‘Messages from the Field’ a creative performance research project, embedded in the study of interpersonal communication led by Dog Kennel Hill Project – Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta

The project involves working with a pool of artists and interdisciplinary practitioners to explore a new model for a performance encounter, focusing on the experience of the individual viewer as subject. We have begun as a project that exists as a residency inviting group and public participation. We are looking at ways in which this practice might exist in different forms – both within and outside of artistic communities.

The idea is inspired by interpretive rituals, shamanism, Tarot readings, and psychodynamic therapy and yet will exist within the framework of performance. The questions we wish to raise concern cultural and identity assumptions and the boundaries perceived to exist between people, addressing gender, class, ethnicity.

We are seeing the ”relational field” as the space between a performer and a viewer, but it incorporates all the contextual signals, expectations, values,  physical readings that exist in the moment of contact/meeting.   By isolating different modes of communication (I.e.physical, spoken word, drawing/mark-making) we will develop a set of distinct performance roles using improvised movement, voice/text and drawing, reading/sending sensory signals both as a response to, and an offering for a subject (the invited viewer).

This is a site for posting writing, images, audio and video files as tangents, references, or documents of this practice. It could be both playful and serious, obvious or esoteric.

To find out more about other projects we have done check our performance collective site dogkennelhillproject.org